31 August 2012

Welcome to Men in the Movement!

Top 5
Reasons to be Part of the Inaugural
Men in the Movement

1. Because you'll likely have conversations that you've never had, and these conversations will likely change the rest of your life.  One of the common things I hear from other men who spend lots of time thinking about masculinity is that they never could've imagined how liberating it can be to allow themselves to actually be themselves.  When they realize that "manning up" is a bunch of bullshit, it opens a door of unlimited possibilities.

2. You'll meet people who are pretty damn cool.  Think about it.  If you think this type of stuff is interesting and want to learn more, then you're probably pretty cool.  And if other guys think they same, they're probably pretty cool.  Get everyone in the same room...boom!  you meet cool people.

3. You get to shape the group.  We've got a potential outline, but this group is going to be about what you want it to be.  Since this is the first go, the group gets to have a voice in deciding how we're gonna steer the ship.

4. Free Food! (well not every session, but for several of them).

5. You get to help create a less violent world.  There's just so dang much of it already, if there's one thing our society can agree on it's that we don't need or want more.  So your participation in Men in the Movement is you taking that step.  To learn about how violence operates, how violence impacts people differently, and what we can all do to end it.
If that wasn't inspirational then i don't know what is
Check out this sweet video that the folks at Emory University made this summer: