30 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions for Men in the Movement

Find meaningful ways to impact campus
We resolve to get more involved on campus. For us, this means challenging ourselves to attend open events to increase our perspectives, to bring feminist philosophies into current student organizations we're involved in, and seek opportunities (employment and volunteer) where we can align our perspectives with others to help foster positive change.

Strive for growth
There are many different ways to grow. For us, we resolve to continue our education about gender, intersectionality, and social justice as a whole as a focus for self growth. We resolve to actively engage in conversations about masculinity and gender with our peers. We resolve to keep noticing oppression around us and hold ourselves accountable for our own oppressive actions. Through this self and community growth, we hope to increase participation in Men in the Movement overall.

Practice, practice, practice
In Men in the Movement, we talk a lot about expressing empathy, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and holding each other and ourselves accountable to our actions. We think that doing these things will bring us closer together as a community. We also want to honor that empathy, vulnerability, and accountability can be hard. So we resolve to practice being empathetic, practice being vulnerable, and practice being accountable, and support each other in these actions.

Let us know what you think! We invite feedback because feedback is love.

And here is some Calvin and Hobbes! Let's resolve to not take on his attitude...