29 January 2013

Gearing Up for Another Semester!

Thanks to all who were able to make the first semester of Men in the Movement as huge success!  The group who completed the first semester will continue to meet on Tuesday evenings to keep moving forward with the work.

In the meantime we're looking to recruit another great group of CSU men who want to be part of Men in the Movement.  The two groups will be able to overlap and work together for events and occasional programs or discussions. 

The first session for the new group will be on Wednesday, February 6th from 6-8pm in Behavioral Sciences Building rm 105.  Absolutely no prior experience talking about gender or masculinity is necessary, just a williness to learn and think critically!  As always, the group is open to men of all identities and we're hoping to have another group that widely represents our community in terms of race, sexual orientation, class, ability, and more. 

Hope to see lots of fellas there!