27 November 2012

Week 11: Bystander Intervention Workshop!

Hey Everyone,

I'm really excited for this week's session!  We're going to be focusing on the idea of bystander intervention, which basically is the idea that in our daily lives we have opportunities to interrupt oppressive situations.  How do you decide when to act and what to say/do? 

Bystander skills can be really helpful because we have all been in situations where we want to say something or "intervene" in bad situations.  We'll go over some possible scenarios and workshop different approaches to diffuse the situation.  Also, we'll discuss how our own ideas about masculinity play into the ways that men interrupt these situations.  Cool?  To get the gears turning, check out this video clip from "What Would You Do?":

07 November 2012

Week 10: Disrupting Rape Culture

Hey everyone,

This week we'll be delving into the idea of "Rape Culture", what it means, it's potential to change the societal discourse on sexual violence, and the potential to disrupt it. 

The idea of rape culture is best explained (in my opinion) by the folks at FORCE: Upsetting a Rape Culture, check it out here:

What does rape culture look like?  The people over at the Yes Means Yes blog ran the Ben Roethlisberger rape case throught the lens of rape culture, here's what it looks like:
Tonight we'll be going through the concept of rape culture and examine how it shows up in media, politics, policies, and in college culture.  See you all at 6!