01 October 2012

Week 5: Men in the Movement Presents... A Guide to Healthy Relationships

Hey Fellas,

This week is our first open session and since October is national dating violence awareness month, we'll be focusing on healthy relationships.  The open sessions are called "Men in the Movement Presents..." and for the first one Krista Martinez from Fort Collins' Family Center/La Familia will be here to help us breakdown how to have a healthy relationship. 

We realize that not all college students are in committed, monogamous hetero relationships so this workshop will focus on romantic relationships in general.  This means that whether you're in a relationship, looking for one, or just looking to hook up, this workshop will hopefully be applicable to everyone. 

Here are a couple links that should help us out this week:

Brief overview of "Realtionships and Love"
Men, Physical Intimacy, and Homophobia
Remember to bring friends, partners, roommates, whoevs!  Also, we'll be in LSC 220 (instead of 224).

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